You’ve heard about the Little Free Library movement, haven’t you? Their mission is to cultivate community and boost literacy by creating these free book nooks. More than 3,000 of these itty-bitty libraries bring readers to books and books to readers all around the world!

My friend, Julie, built a Little Free Library for her neighborhood, and it has me wondering if my sweet, old-fashioned street might need one, too. Julie’s family even used leftover shingles from their roof and a beautiful green coat of paint to match their home. I’m not very good with a hammer, but I might be willing to get a little black and blue for the sake of creating some magic.

Take a book. Return a book. A tiny but mighty community builder. How charming is that?

Oh, and I would name my library after my dad. He’s the one who took me to the library even before it was open in the mornings, and tirelessly read Go, Dog. Go! to me about a million times nightly. What would you name yours?

This sweet post was shared by Carter Higgins. A more formal introduction will follow, but for now I like knowing she’s got good taste, handy friends, and she adores her dad!