This post is brought to you by Schoola

Last month, I introduced you to Schoola, and this month I’ve partnered with them on their Versatile Style campaign. They asked 3 bloggers to style a wardrobe essential for night and day. One styled denim, one styled an oxford shirt, and one styled a little black dress (that would be me). There’s an interview with me, too!

As part of the campaign, I donated 10 items from our family wardrobe, and you can shop the collection! I’ve been told by Schoola that they may sell out fast — apologies in advance if you click over and everything is gone. Though I’m keeping the school name private, the proceeds will go directly from Schoola to the awesome-but-under-funded Oakland Public Elementary School where Oscar, Betty and June attend.


As you may already know, Schoola is part online thrift store and part fundraising platform. It’s well known that school programs like art and music and PE have had huge budget cuts, or been dropped altogether, and Schoola is focused on saving and supporting those types of programs.

This is how Schoola works: 1) Request a free donation bag. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, organize a school-wide clothing drive — any school in the contiguous US can participate! 2) Clean out your closet and fill the bag with gently used kids’ and women’s clothing. 3) Send the bag to Schoola and tell them which school you want to benefit. Oh. And the donation bag comes with a pre-paid shipping label, so there’s no shipping cost for you! 4) 40% of the proceeds from the sale of your clothing goes directly to your school to help fund programs like art, music, field trips and physical education.


But back to the Versatile Style campaign — it’s all about everyday essentials! Pieces you can wear any season, over several years, for all sorts of outings. These are the real workhorses of your wardrobe, and I definitely consider a little black dress to be one of them.


I confess, I have more than one little black dress in my closet (this comes as a surprise to no one). They truly are so versatile and wearable — and on days where I’m feeling a bit rumpled, they add instant polish. I pair them with tights and boots in the winter. I love them with sandals and bare legs in the summer. Here in Oakland, the weather pretty much always calls for a flexible layer on top, so I often pair a little black dress with a cardigan, or a denim jacket, or a wrap, or a blazer.


And after wearing the dress around all day — at the grocery store, at the bank, at the school — I can throw on some heels and switch up the accessories, and I’m ready to meet friends for dinner or go to a show with Ben Blair.

When you think of your closet, what pieces come to mind that fit in the versatile style category? I have a pair of modern, stylish sweats that have joined my essentials, my black penny loafers definitely qualify, a simple light blue button down, my denim jacket too. What about you?