From time to time I’ve mentioned my adoration of the Project Runway series — far and away my favorite of the reality shows. I’ve also mentioned my respect/crush for Tim Gunn and his new show Guide to Style. But frankly, in all my love for Project Runway, I haven’t given Nina Garcia, one the judges, much thought.

So when I heard about her new book, The Little Black Book of Style, I thought it was time to give Nina some dedicated attention. That. And the fact that, like I mentioned, I’m really trying to step it up in my daily dressing and I thought this book might help.

And it does help! Things I like about the book: It’s beautifully printed. There are fantastic illustrations by Ruben Toledo throughout, making it a pleasure to read. Her description of growing up in Columbia with fashion-forward parents. Her discourse about the difference between fashion and style. Her chapter on inspiration — a list of classic movies to watch and what to watch for. Lots of helpful advice and it’s pretty enough to leave on the coffee table.

Mostly, I love getting a better idea of how someone who loves fashion and has studied fashion, thinks about fashion. Something about becoming a mother makes many women want to improve their wardrobe, this book offers some great advice to do just that.

Update: Want even more info on Nina’s book? I just noticed that the super-smart Girl con Queso wrote about the same book last week.