A few weeks ago, in her great post about journals, Guest Mom Carrie Lundell introduced us to Listography. And then. Happy coincidence. I received a copy from Chronicle Books in my gift bag from Broad Summit.

Um. Brillant! So many great topics I can’t pick a favorite. List the people you love the most. List the things you like to do on your day off. List the times you’ve had an audience. List the bad things you did as a kid. List your favorite books. And on and on. Plus, each list is accompanied by a funky illustration.

It would be fun for a teenager and his/her grandparent to work on this together. Or a husband and wife. Or a parent and child.

Get a few copies for your gift stash and you’ll be good to go for those holiday gift emergencies. (I know exactly who I’m going to gift my copy to.)