How smitten are you with the USA women’s gymnastics team? Fierce and sweet and sparkly even to the top row in the Olympic arena, they’re champions and friends through and through. Did you watch them win the Team Gold? Aren’t you dying to know how those leotards stay in place no matter what flip or twist is performed? No tugging, no riding up, and everything showing…without everything showing!

If your curiosity is anything like mine, you’ll love this article. Those leotards take over a year and a half from concept to product, are decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, and are much like a wedding dress: no one on the team wants you to see theirs until the big day!

It all makes me want to do cartwheels around La Cressonnière in a bedazzled leotard. I wonder how many girls — and women! — are searching for a gymnastics program right now? I know I’m interested! Is anyone in your house flipping over gymnastics?

Incredibly cool time lapse found here.

P.S. — The Olympics are so close to us! We decided to roadtrip to London this weekend to enjoy some of the Olympic atmosphere. We don’t have tickets to any events, but hopefully it will be awesome anyway.