Do you have any friends that kind of surprised you when they decided to become mothers? The kind of friends that are a little irreverent? A little rebellious? The kind of friends that make excellent — if a-typical — mothers, even though they would never admit it?

Well. I have friends like that. And now I have the perfect product line to give them as gifts. Three all natural body balms made by Least Likely 2 Breed. There’s the Bad Ass Booty Balm for your baby’s little sensitive behind. There’s the Tough Titties Nipple Rub, because no matter what the well-meaning lactation consultant tells you, even if you’re doing it correctly, nursing can be curl-your-toes painful for weeks and weeks. And there’s a third balm with such an edgy name that I can’t even mention it here on my oh-so-G-rated blog.

In addition to the bad-girl attitude, you’ll love this company for what they choose to put in their products and even more for what they leave out. Check out the ingredient lists and feel confident that these products are good for your baby and good for you.