By Gabrielle. (Photos via The Dieline.)

Remember those old pamphlets you were given at a certain age that described menstruation as a monthly gift from Mother Nature? I don’t know about you, but all those pictures of horse riding and bicycle dates and diving into a pool full of admiring friends really made me excited for that gift! Sigh.

Le Parcel is a genius concept, especially for new initiates or those who always seem to be caught unawares and woefully unprepared every month. (Raising my hand here. I’m ridiculous — every single month I’m like, this again?)

The service simply asks you to choose what supplies you’ll need from your favorite brands to get you through your period, and then choose a delivery date. Simple, right? Everything you need will be delivered to your door, on time, with an extra gift just for you and even some chocolate. Because everything’s better with a little chocolate.

Bonus points for a cute tagline: Prepare for the best “That time of the month” ever. Period.