Friends, do you know the term layette? If it’s new to you, it means the collection of simple clothing you need for a new baby. The word is on my mind because I’m thinking about designing a line of layette items. Wouldn’t that be fun?

A few weeks ago, a manufacturer approached me about designing a diaper bag. I thought about it, told him there were lots of terrific diaper bags on the market, and asked if he’d consider producing a layette line instead (still waiting on his answer…). I’m no fashion designer, but I do have strong opinions about what works and what looks cozy on tiny babies. I know many of you have strong opinions too. : )

Did you have a favorite piece of clothing in your baby’s layette? Do you like gowns and footie pajamas? Do you have a preference for kimono tops versus traditional onesies? Zippers or snaps? Bright or muted colors? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. — Can I tell you about June’s polkadot outfit? It’s not really a layette sort of item, but it does have a sweet little history. I had a favorite shirt (see here), but I had worn it to pieces and it looked ragged. So I sent it to Miranda (seamstress extraordinaire), who made a pattern of it, and the shirt was reborn in a stripey fabric. Then, she took the old fabric from that favorite top, refashioned it into a sweet little getup for June, and sent it to me as a surprise. Isn’t that lovely? June is only 3 1/2 months in these photos. So little!