By Gabrielle. Photos via seersucker + saddles.

If you closed your eyes and imagined how you would dress if you lived in California, I’m sure some of your daydreams would look like you on a beach, rubbing sunscreen on your shoulders, and adjusting your sunnies. There might be a flimsy kimono blowing in the breeze. Or is that just me?!

Friends, it is cold here! And I honestly don’t know how to dress for this weather. So confusing! It’s sweater-friendly, but also open to the idea of shorts and skirts. It’s sunny yet foggy. Perfect day for a picnic, always, until the very minute it isn’t! When dressed appropriately, the Bay breeze is like a kiss on your cheek. (Not as wonderful when you’re huddled against it in the afore-mentioned flimsy beach attire!)

It’s a good thing our time in France taught us all about the brilliance of layered dressing. But it’s also a good thing that I found Beth Parker. Because her spring wardrobe from Lexington seems to be the perfect inspiration for my summer gear in Oakland. Her pattern IQ is off the charts, isn’t it? (And where was this tee when I needed it?)

P.S. – Have you met Karl the Fog? He’s charming, but also a little devil when you least expect it. Like when I’ve forgotten a layer or two!