“I thought we had more scotch tape! What did you do with all the tape?” Spoiler: Your gift from your five-year old is eighty percent tape.

Sigh. How’s everyone holding up this week? I’m sure you’ve heard that Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah coincide this year — so I’m betting we’ve reached some sort of mythical peak last-minute shopping zone. Hah!

If you’ve read my book, you know I keep a gift closet. It’s not actually a closet, just a couple of drawers in the office, and I like to keep it filled with a range of last-minute gift options that have wide-appeal. Things like these awesome tees, this rainbow generator that could work for teachers, kids, grandparents, pretty much anyone, handsome blocks for play or crafts, this book (because I still grin that she was discovered here on Design Mom!), and a hostess gift like this tied up with a bow. Oh, and this candle because the scent is exactly how you want your living room to smell.

I’m telling you, my gift stash is so dang depleted right now. I am embarrassingly behind on my shopping this year! But the good news is, I just checked, and if we order today, all of the items I linked to here will arrive before Christmas. Last-minute shoppers unite! We can do this. What are your last-minute go-to gifts? Please share links, because I could use all the ideas I can get. : )