My 3 year old, Ben, has made a very specific request for Christmas this year: poo. He has also asked for a stinky bum, a chocolate face, and an underwear head. It’s hard to know where to start.

But for Christmas I think he’ll be happy with the Lincoln Log sets I found for him. Lincoln logs are not cheap! I wish they were because they are quite fun. If you are looking for the Lincoln Log Great West Express, buy it at for $66.00 and free shipping. It’s $80.00 or $90.00 elsewhere.

I also got him these scales from Magic Cabin:

I don’t know why. He has never asked for scales nor has he expressed a desire to weigh anything. But doesn’t it seem like something an educated, well-rounded family would have on hand? The classic woodenness of it will balance the tacky plasticky-ness of the talking Diego Backpack which Ben doesn’t even know exists in real life. He’s going to go nuts over this.

I also found a great CD for Ben. He’s pretty into music. (Did you know you can change the words of Electric Blue to stinky poo? We are so proud of his creativity.) I am tempted to crack this CD open before Christmas and give it a listen myself.

The really hard part about shopping for Ben is that his 4th birthday falls on December 29th. Poor kid. It’s hard to get him birthday gifts 4 days after Christmas when the last thing I want him to have is more stuff. Any ideas?