By Gabrielle.

If I had a make-up artist living next door, I’d beg her to come over every morning and apply false eyelashes for me. I’ve told you before, but I love nothing more than batting my lashes at Ben Blair from across the room while we’re working; I think false eyelashes could really take my flirting to the next level!

Alas, I am hopeless when it comes to glue and tweezers, and I would spend the entire day wondering if they were falling off. Not cute!

This product looks interesting, though. Three steps — activating mascara base, nylon lash fibers, and top coat — and you’re left with eyebrow-dusting lashes just as lush yet not as difficult or delicate as false eyelashes. For $35, would you try it? I just might!

P.S. — I still love reading the comments in this post!