Oh my goodness you guys, I keep forgetting to tell you, but we bought a painting! It’s pretty big — about 4 feet across. It’s titled “L’Amerique.” Also. It’s the coolest! I’m actually pretty nuts about it and point it out to any one who shows up at our door. : )

There’s a little story behind it too, in case you’re curious. In December we went to an art exhibit featuring the work of Jean François Sineux. You might remember me mentioning the Sineux Brothers — we’re renting this house from one of them. The entire exhibit was a series of cows:

Maybe a hundred of them. And they were so good! We missed the opening night, and when we visited on the second night of the exhibit, almost everything was sold. But our favorite piece was still available. So we bought it before it was grabbed up! In fact, instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, Ben Blair and I decided this would be way more fun. The following day, we brought the kids to see the exhibit too. They guessed which painting was ours immediately.

I know we have that adorable, crazy old car that will make a fantastic souvenir (if we can just figure out how to get it home…), but I think I’m even more excited about this painting.

It’s such a perfect memento of our life here. It reminds me of country roads, fresh milk, and the cows that wander in the field around our house. Best of all, it reminds me of the Sineux family — they’ve been so generous and kind to us, and my memories of France will always be intertwined with thoughts of these good people. Seriously, it feels like the best souvenir ever.

This is the first piece of “big” art we’ve purchased. It felt like kind of big deal, like it was the beginning of our own real live art collection. Tell me, please. Are you a collector of art? Have you ever seen a piece of art and felt compelled to buy it?

P.S. — Want to hear a bit of trivia? If we had stuck to our original plan, today is the day we would be moving back to America. That blows my mind! It seems like we just arrived a few minutes ago.