Today, I’ve got a little photo tour of Maude’s bedroom to share with you. It’s one of the funnest rooms at La Cressonnière. When we’re not living here, it belongs to the owner’s daughter. She happens to be the same age as Maude (which is a fun coincidence!) — and if I was guessing, I would say she likes animals.

The centerpiece of the room is a beautiful bed, upholstered in colorful monkey-filled fabric.

Near the foot of the bed, there is a small desk and delicate chair. The desk drawers have little ribbon pulls instead of knobs. Mimi keeps her friendship bracelet supplies in the drawers.

Behind the desk is a bookshelf with pretty painted details.

Next to the bookshelf, there is a tall window and on the other side of the window is a grand armoire, where Mimi keeps her clothing.

Artwork hangs next to the armoire. I really like the little camel.

On the other side of the camel drawing, is a non-working fireplace and a mantel. The fireplace is concealed with a charming trompe-l’oeil painting.

And then we’re back to the bed again, because it sits right next to the fireplace. Above the bed, you’ll find a trio of paintings. Two cats (a Mr. and Mrs.) and a noble rhinocerous.

Just outside the hand-painted door, you’ll find two more animal portraits. Both dogs are dressed so finely, that I’m curious about their history.

This is the first time Maude has ever had her own room and she considers herself very lucky that it happens to be so beautiful.

What do you think of it? Would your tween daughter adore this room as much as Maude?

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