Curious about the kitchen at La Cressonnière? Here’s a photo tour.

french farmhouse kitchen

This is the view you see when you enter the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen in france

And here’s the same corner from a different angle.

french farmhouse kitchen

On the counter behind the sink, the light is so pretty. I like to take pictures there.

french farmhouse kitchen

We’ve kept a good-looking, metal citrus juicer on our counter almost our entire marriage, so it was fun to arrive here and see they had one too.

antique black stove

The kitchen is modern and up to date with a full-size, stainless steel dishwasher and refrigerator. But the defining piece is this gorgeous old stove. Apparently, it still works, but makes the kitchen really smoky, so they don’t really use it. We won’t be using it either, but we sure love looking at it. Here’s a closeup of the pretty spout and lettering:

antique stove french farmhouse

Against the wall opposite the kitchen sink, sits art deco style open shelving. It houses some of the lovely serving pieces and the gorgeous fire-engine-red Le Creuset pots. We use the bread baskets every night for dinner.

open shelving kitchenopen shelving kitchen France

There is lots of artwork in the kitchen. This rabbit painting hangs near the refrigerator. I love it.

rabbit painting

Here’s a better look at the light fixture hanging over the table. Charming, no?

antique green milk glass light fixture

This red/orange cabinet has working locks with old style antique keys. The top part is full of the plates and cups we use everyday. The bottom holds casseroles and serving dishes.

orange red armoire cabinet French

This painting is of the same kitchen. It hangs next to the cabinet. The viewpoint is as if standing at the open shelving and looking toward the antique stove. Isn’t it amazing? It’s by the homeowner.

painting of kitchen Hugues Sineux

These pumpkins sit on a shelf over the antique stove. The names were scratched in when they were just tiny, and then the scars grew as the pumpkins grew. We think the dark orange shade is so pretty, but the top one is starting to decay so it’s time to say goodbye to them.

scarred pumpkins with names

P.S. — Getting tired of the house tour? I hope not. There are still lots of pretty spaces to show you — the studio, the exterior, more bedrooms, the living room…