As promised, here is a post telling you a little bit about the artist (actually, it’s two artists) who work in the studio at La Cressonnière when the Famille Blair aren’t living here. The studio belongs to les Frères Sineux, or the Sineux Brothers. Hugues and Jean-François. The sign announcing their atelier hangs outside one of the barns.

atelier sineux argentan france

The two brothers have worked together for 25 years. Jean-François is still working here in town while Hugues is away. It must be difficult to be temporarily separated after so many years of working near each other.

This photograph hangs in the office. I believe it’s the two brothers as teenagers in their mother’s kitchen. What a great shot! When Ben Blair came to check out the house last December, he was able to see them both — they were building a beautiful console table made only from found materials in the area.

atelier sineux argentan france

From what we can tell, they are the official town artists here in Argentan. If you visit the town by train, you’ll see this large mural, painted by Frères Sineux, at the train station.

atelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan france

And near the town center, you can see buildings covered in more of their work.

atelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan france

One of my favorites is this mural of F. Leger painted in 2010.

atelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan franceatelier sineux argentan france

Extra fun: A practice drawing of the face was painted directly on the wall of the studio here at La Cressonnière. Neato!

atelier sineux argentan france

As I’ve mentioned, throughout the house there is a wonderful collection of original art, but I think my favorites are all done by Frères Sineux. This one is of Hugues’s daughter. (I’ve also shared his beautiful painting of the kitchen, and his giraffe sculpture.)

atelier sineux argentan france

Last year, the town hosted an exhibition of their work. The exhibition poster now hangs in the studio.

atelier sineux argentan france

Here is their website if you’d like to contact them.

P.S. —Want to see more of their work? They built the amazing treehouse too.