Fondant cake kits (for beginners, too!) help you make beautiful cakes at home!

by Raleigh-Elizabeth.

I am terrible with cake. I’m fine with the batter, and fine with the cake part itself, but once it comes to the layers and the frostings and — even scarier — the fondant, I’m over, done with, someone call a bakery and order one instead.

I once read that you could make fondant at home with marshmallows, and I decided to give it a shot. I made a delicious blackberry and meyer lemon cake for a friend’s baby shower, and after reading what seemed like easy-enough instructions, I was superbly confident that I could copy Martha’s Baby Block Cake with aplomb. I’d be feted with praise, hailed as the most glorious baker, and my satisfied, cake-stuffed friends would call for Food Network to give me my own show immediately through crumb-filled glee.

Back in reality, it turned out okay, but I also suggested friends maybe peel the fondant off before eating. My cake boss dreams were dashed. The cake might have been delicious, but as usual, the cake decorating foiled me again.

Enter Brys+Edgewood, cake rescuers, fondant simplifiers, and compatriots in the kitchen. Jessica, one of the cofounders, was equally inspired by the fancy-schmancy fondant covered cakes out there. And she too tried to make one at home. You can guess how the whole thing worked out.

Brys+Edgewood knew there had to be a better way. So they spent hours in the kitchen testing recipe after recipe and compiling the tricks of the trade. The result? A fondant cake kit you can actually do at home. Beginners encouraged. I can’t wait to give the stripey pink cake a go or maybe even this daunting-looking sweetosaurus dinosaur cake. A beautiful cake just waiting to happen… and I won’t even have to recommend that friends peel off the fondant before eating.

Tell me, do you have any tricks for decorating your cakes? Do you frost, ice, or use fondant? Or do you just call the local baker?