By Gabrielle. Hugs and Kisses by Kimberly Chorney.

If you’ve ever received an email from me, it most likely ended with kisses, Gabrielle. Whether you’re a woman or a man or even Oliver Jeffers. I’ve never thought of my closing as unprofessional, childish, or uniquely feminine until a friend sent me a link to this article all about the sisterhood of xoxo And then I thought a little harder, questioning my standard happy closing. In fact, I started furrowing my brows at my usually casual but still happy greeting — Hi, your-name-here! — and the way I soften requests without even knowing it with a grinning, winking emoticon or my oft-used Hooray!

Humph. I can’t stop sending Hoorays!

I’m so interested: How do you begin and end your notes? Do you xoxo? Would you ever xoxo professionally? Have you ever been on the receiving end of an xoxo or similar closing and thought it strange or inappropriate? I always love your stories.


P.S. — I’m especially thinking about this as I make final preparations for Alt Summit — a conference where professional guidelines for bloggers is the THE topic of conversation.