If you send Kindred one of your beloved shirts, they’ll transform it into something sweet your baby or toddler can wear. I just love the whole concept!

Kindred was founded by Simone and Heike, who both hail from South Germany but found each other as friends in New York. It’s a company sparked by quality and simplicity and a conscious response to today’s throw-away culture. Imagine your husband’s button-down turned into a sweet romper, or your mom’s dress turned into a pair of bloomers. It would be an instant heirloom!

I’m completely sold on clothes that last a few lifetimes, partly due to my family’s reliance on hand-me-downs. But also, I just love seeing good design in action, don’t you?

P.S. — Remember this polkadot romper? It was made for Baby June from one of my favorite shirts.