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Last week I was in New York for a HomeGoods event called #MakeHomeYours, and I’ve been so excited to tell you all about it. It was a really cool challenge! HomeGoods asked three bloggers to each design a room using only items from their stores, rooms that reflected our own personal styles. Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily designed her dream bedroom. Jen from IHeart Organizing designed an ideal home office. And I designed a colorful, kid-friendly family room.

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Designing a family room that is both totally welcoming to kids, but also appealing to adults, and that works, is right up my alley. I think about how to achieve that sort of thing in my own house all the time. So I LOVED this project. And of course, sourcing everything from HomeGoods was also super fun, because their stock changes frequently, and also changes from store to store, so I never know what surprises I’ll find when I stop by.

With the exception of a few small personal touches (which each blogger was asked to add to their room), every single thing in this space is from HomeGoods. Really, truly. The artwork. The chairs. The coffee table. The ceramics. The throw pillows. The geodes. Even the giant stuffed animals! I’m going to point out some of my favorite parts:

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First up, I love the industrial looking console for two reasons. One, because I’m instantly drawn to anything with a vintage industrial feel, and two, because I find pieces like this to be super family-friendly. If this table gets a scratch or dent, who cares? It just adds to the patina! (And hey, do you see my book there? It fit right into the room!)

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Another thing I loved in this space was the amazing floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves. I thought long and hard about how to style these and came up with this simple color-blocking plan. I get asked about how to deal with bookshelves frequently — they can be intimidating to fill.  So I wanted to come up with something that anyone could replicate. Even someone that doesn’t feel like she has design skills. And this solution totally fits the bill. It’s practically no-fail!

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Next, I want to point out the artwork. I’ve bought frames at HomeGoods for years, but can’t say the artwork had ever really caught my eye. That is, until I went shopping for this #MakeHomeYours challenge. Turns out they’ve really stepped it up in the art department. Both the oversize, navy blue modern piece over the fireplace, and the painting of the boats, are originals! As in, you can see the actual globs of paint on the canvas. And they both came with a certification too, guaranteeing them as original pieces created by a single artist. So good! And available at the super affordable prices you expect from HomeGoods.

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Next, I want to point out the dedicated kid areas of the room, including the little reading corner, and the giant stuffed giraffe and elephant — though I suppose they’re hard to miss! I loved seeing these at HomeGoods, partly because, who knew? And also because they’re the sort of item that a kid might see at FAO Schwartz while the parent looks on, knowing they are completely out of budget. But at HomeGoods, they’re available at a fraction of the expected price.

Can you imagine if you brought one of these guys home? Your kids would be completely wide-eyed in wonder! And your house would totally become known as the giraffe house. Hah!

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So the way it worked is that on Monday and Tuesday we put our rooms together, then on Wednesday, the spaces were opened to the press for visits. I hung out in my family room all day, and as magazine and newspaper editors would arrive, I’d give them a tour. I’d tell them why I chose certain pieces, what my goals were for the room, and how my own personal touches worked with the HomeGoods pieces. It was so much fun!

I’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you have a favorite part of the room? Or maybe a favorite piece of furniture or an accent? And how would you enjoy a challenge like this?

P.S. — The lovely ladies in the photo below are Claire and Jen, my fellow bloggers who each designed spaces for this event as well. It was really cool to see how different each of our rooms turned out. I thought it was cool that even though we all have distinctly different styles, we were able to find pieces we loved at HomeGoods.

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Photos by Matt Harrington for HomeGoods.