Katie Long's Mobile Fashion Boutique

The only thing better than an ice-cream truck up the street is one that peddles rainbow clutches, wallet-sized tools, bronze worry dolls, and fish-net handbags.

Katie Long had a genius idea — a mobile fashion boutique — and then she went and made it happen. She bought an old 18-foot cookie delivery truck off Craigslist, and with the help of her firefighter husband, transformed it into a dreamy traveling shop overflowing with irresistible goodies. Think flamingo wallpaper, chevron woodwork, and rolling racks of chic beach coverups. And the colors! It’s hard to look at her Instagram scenes and resist turning into Veruka Salt. A Swell Life, for sure.

No doubt it’s hard work, owning a store-on-wheels. Multiply owning a brick-and-mortar store by four tires and a complicated motor plus permits and insurance and, oh, my head aches. Major congrats to Katie for helping reinvent the shopping experience. And you? If you owned a dreamy shop on wheels, what would you stock in it? (Sign me up for a mobile toy shop!)