Kate and Laura Malleavy, sister designers

By Koseli.

Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the designers behind Rodarte, and they are awe-inspiring! Although they had no connections and no formal experience, they cold-pitched ten miniature pieces on paper dolls to editors in New York City and found themselves on the cover of Women’s Wear Day within days. They’ve designed a diffusion line for Target (don’t you just love the designer lines for Target?) and designed the costumes in Black Swan. Last May, their costumes adorned performers in the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Don Giovani. Shall we call them the Super Sisters?

Can you believe how young they are? Would you — or do you — work with your sister? I have three sisters and would absolutely love to work with them, but I’m not sure how much we’d actually get done. Ha!

P.S. — Gabrielle works with her sister Sara on Alt Summit.