Have I told you about Flora June’s homecoming? It was joyous. I think it was my favorite part of her birth.

June was born a little after 9:00 on a Friday night. Ben Blair and I woke up Saturday morning, feeling good and ready to get home, so we checked out of the hospital right away, about 12 hours after the birth. When we arrived home the house was peaceful and welcoming. Full of pretty Spring light, with a kid-made welcome banner in the window. The five older siblings were playing at the Lattins house (our dear friends), and the house was still clean and shiny thanks to a housekeeper visit the day before. We settled Baby June, unpacked the hospital bags and took a very content nap.

An hour later the kids arrived home and it was like Christmas morning — all smiles and discovery. The siblings couldn’t get enough of their new sister. Everyone took lots of turns holding her. Voices would start quiet and hushed, taking in this new little creature, and then get loud and boisterous because it was just so exciting.

I wish I could bottle the happy that was in the room that day. It was very clear to me that June will be as loved and adored as any human being ever has been.

PS — You can see lots more pics from June’s Homecoming here, including one of me still looking very pregnant the morning after her birth.