It’s impossible to believe, but Flora June Blair turned 6 months old on Sunday.

I snapped these photos of her this morning. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Things I know about June at 6 months old:
– She likes to delicately place her hand over her eye while she nurses. It’s so sweet! I have yet to get a photo of it, because I’m always nursing when it happens. : )
– She loves to stand up. With assistance, of course. She really enjoys using her legs.
– She suddenly dislikes baths. Currently, they are cry-filled and consequently, super short.
– She loves to eat! If it’s pureed, she’ll try it and probably love it.
– She lights up anytime she catches her dad’s eye.
– She’s happiest in the afternoons when all the kids are home and she’s getting tons of attention.

I love these little crocheted maryjane slippers. They are hand-me-downs from Betty, originally from Target. The dress is from Target too — purchased in the spring in anticipation of June’s arrival.