Flora June Blair had her four-month well checkup at the pediatrician today. Four months? I continue to be shocked at how quickly time is passing. The picture above was taken this morning — she is such a joy! Here’s a fun fact about June: When being carried, she has preferred facing outward since she was born. She is very curious and likes to see what’s going on at all times.

I have loved keeping June in simple onesies for the summer. Isn’t this one above adorable? It’s made by My Three Sons and has a number 6 because June is 6th in line. But the air has been crisp the last few days. Time to pull out more options for layering. (Mmmm. I love fall clothes.)

P.S. — Have you noticed that getting immunizations never gets any easier? June was giggly and happy and flirting with the nurse. Then the needle went in and her face instantly changed to complete terror and pain. Awful!