Design Mom's Gift Wrapping Pin Board

By Gabrielle. Image is a screengrab from my gift wrapping board.

Last year, I tried something new. Instead of sharing gift guide blog posts, I created gift guide boards on Pinterest. Though I confess, I sometimes missed seeing the pretty gift posts on my blog, overall, I really liked the advantages of sharing the ideas on pin boards. It allowed me to include a whole lot more ideas than I would be able to on the blog. And even better, I could keep sharing new finds throughout the holidays. Sometimes I find the perfect gift late in the game, and it was great to know that I could still share it.

So I’ve decided to use my gift boards again this year. But I thought it would be more fun if I made it a group effort. So I’m opening up the boards to all my fellow gift shoppers out there! When you spot something fantastic that you think Design Mom Readers would love, you can add to a gift board so everybody can see it. How does that sound?

Here are the 5 boards I started last year. As I shop for my kids and friends and husband and relatives, I’ll continue adding to them daily. I hope you’ll join the boards and add your picks too!:

Gifts Kids Can Really Make
Give handmade! And get your kids involved, too. These are smart, useable, good-looking gifts that kids can really make — for Teachers, Coaches, Friends, Siblings or Mom & Dad.

Gifts That Make the World Better
These items help people who are struggling. They create opportunities to learn a paying skill, and to provide the basic necessities for a family. These products feed the hungry, work toward abolishing poverty and make homes for orphans. Plus, they’re beautiful, high quality items that are easy to give and to receive!

Gifts for Your Bestie, Your Sister or Your Mom
Terrific gifts that the women you love will adore. Some to make and some to buy.

Gifts for The Men in Your Life
The coolest gifts to surprise and delight your boyfriend, husband, brother, uncle or dad (and your grown-up sons too!). Some traditional, some modern. 

Gifts for Kids
Find something awesome for your kids this year. Cool, unusual gifts that kids would LOVE to receive. Store bought gifts for kids, and handmade gifts for kids.

You can join any of these boards! Email me with your Pinterest username (or the email you use for pinterest) + the name of the board, or boards, you want to join, and I’ll add you to the group right away.

I want to add new boards too! I created one called All The Best Gift Wrapping Ideas, that you can join in on. And I’m thinking about a Gifts for Teens board, but I haven’t decided yet.

What are your thoughts? Are there any particular gift board topics you’d like me to create? I’m game for whatever will help!


UPDATE 11/20: I’ve created a Gifts for Teens board, and a Gifts Under $10 board. Feel free to join either or both!