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By Gabrielle.

I’ve been such a globetrotter lately, this article about jet lag caught my eye. A Harvard professor did a study about sleep and food. He said we all have a natural circadian clock that responds to light and tells us when to wake, eat and sleep. But he noticed what was apparently a second clock — one that takes over when there’s not enough food. His theory: if you fast for about 16 hours before you land in the new time zone, and eat your next meal at the local meal time, you’ll avoid most of the jet lag symptoms. Isn’t that fascinating? You can read more here.

One drawback: I don’t think I would be very good at fasting for 16 hours! I’d love to know if you’ve tried this method. Did it work? Any other favorite methods for getting adjusted to a new timezone quickly?

P.S. — The luggage we bought for our move to France has held up so well! I highly recommend.