Jardin de la Connaissance Jardin de la Connaissance mushrooms Jardin de la Connaissance

By Koseli.

Remember the outdoor library? And all the comments that asked, “But what if it rains?!” Well, here’s your answer:

Thilo Folkerts and Rodney LaTourelle created Jardin de la Connaissance in 2010. Hundreds of books were piled high to create walls, seats, and architectural structures that would gradually rot and become part of a forest. Mushrooms were introduced to speed up the decaying process and curators recently introduced moss. Local insects and plant life have transformed the books into a micro-environment. I think the bright orange mushrooms are beautiful.

“Culture is fading back into nature.”

What do you think of it? A waste of paper and print? Or a statement of beauty? Do the decaying books stress you out?

P.S. — A book maze. And the littlest library.