Look how fun: Japanese Office Supplies!

I always get back-to-school flashbacks at the beginning of the year. Making resolutions feels more real with new pens and a clean notebook. : )

The box of silver-wrapped colors are multi-surface crayons. They can be used on paper like traditional crayons, but also on glass, plastic, bathtubs and whiteboards — then wiped clean with a wet cloth. I think my kids are going to love them!

I’m also super happy about this dustless chalk. I think I wanted them mostly because they’re neon. : ) Pretty much everything Japan makes seems cool to me. I basically want one of each.

Any new planners, calendars, pencils, etc. at your house this year?

P.S. — I couldn’t resist the tiny little elephant clips either. They also come in pigs, squirrels, cats, turtles…