I like Jamie Oliver. I find him earnest, charming, always inventive, and a true master at creating proper rustic dishes. After learning about an alleged list of words his wait staff are instructed to use at his restaurants, I like him even more.

Here are a few of my favorites: fancy, scrummy, magic, slamming, wicked, lush, legendary, silky, and squeeze. I like jobs where you’re expected to use scrummy words, don’t you?

Have you ever worked in a restaurant? I wish I had because everyone I know seems to have the most hilarious stories from their days as a server! It must be a fantastic way to practice public speaking and build up confidence. Will you share your own experiences? I’d love to hear about your most memorable moments while waiting tables!

P.S. — I’ve had a million jobs, but the only ones in food service were a high school gig at the mall yogurt shop, and flipping burgers + making shakes for a semester in college.