Jacadi - French Clothing for Kids

This post is sponsored by French clothing line, Jacadi. Get up to 50% off in their Big Summer Sale!

Jacadi Paris

By Gabrielle.

Here in France, Jacadi is THE quality brand for children. If you’re trying to get a sense of how a little French boy or little French girl dresses — for school, for the holidays, even for summer vacation — taking a peek at the Jacadi windows will tell you everything you need to know. The style and styling of their clothing is quintessentially French. Very traditional lines with modern touches. Details that make each piece feel special. And so well made that you’ll be handing them down to your future grandchildren.

Happily, Jacadi is sold in the U.S. as well, and even more happily, the Jacadi big summer sale just started today. So we can all get a little piece of French style at a deep discount — up to 50% off!

Design Mom's Favorites from Jacadi's Summer Sale

Here are some of my favorites from the summer sale. For baby girls, I love the scalloped booties (so French!) and the gingham dress.  For toddler boys, I’d pick this peacoat (and save it for the fall) and these Euro swim trunks. (Fun fact: In France, board shorts aren’t allowed at public pools, so the boys run around in swim trunks like these.)  For school age girls, how about this pleated skirt — or this gorgeous drop waist dress would be perfect if you have a wedding to attend. For older boys I like the color block hoodie and the tab sleeve tee. And for tween girls, I’d would pick this double-breasted cardigan and retro-striped dress from the Mademoiselle Jacadi line.

Tell me, Friends, is Jacadi a brand you’re familiar with? I was introduced to their clothes when I lived in New York, and my friend Kathryn gave me a Jacadi hand-me-down — a sweet little dress. I still have it! Both Betty and June wore it. And maybe their kids will wear it too. : )