Friends. I’m ready to start buying clothes again. My body hasn’t quite caught up with the idea. But my eyes are aching for something new and fresh to put on. These are some images from the latest J.Crew catalog that are inspiring my clothes shopping.

In the top pics, I’m loving the use of menswear shoes. I think they look so sassy. And I bet I would get tons of use out of that denim button down with the waist tie. Doesn’t it look super versatile?

Here, the outfit on the left looks so wearable and comfy and classic. I would want to put it on everyday. I’m not sure how I feel about the outfit on the right. What’s your take on a bustier over a tee? Can this really be pulled off by regular people?

And here, the outfit on the left is my favorite in the whole catalog. I love it to bits and plan to copy it. Except the shorts. I can’t do short shorts, so I would replace them with pants cut like the ones in the right-hand image. So cute! Also. I heart the blue bag.

What about you? Where are you finding shopping inspiration these days?