The other day, Lou from
Mayflower came by to give us a moving estimate. He gave the house a thorough once over and the entire time I asked him question after question about the process. What do you do with the beds? Will the truck fit on our street? How would you recommend packing this artwork? How about this lamp? Bubble wrap or packing paper? How long does the packing process take? etc. We’ve been getting quotes from moving companies for weeks now.

The whole process can be pretty overwhelming. Some base the price on weight. Others base the price on volume. Some include packing. Others don’t. Prices can vary widely — most of our bids came in within the same range, but one was over twice as much! Which makes me crazy.

Of all the bids we got, of all the companies we talked to, Lou was the only representative that offered some solid ways to save money on this move. Things like: if you ask your neighbors to move their cars when the big truck comes in, that will save you a big fee — because we won’t have to use smaller trucks to transport your stuff to the big truck. Lou was clearly an expert. Had clearly been doing this a long time and knew all the secrets.

I think what I really liked about Lou (in addition to his patience with my questions), was that although he was representing Mayflower, a company with a nationwide trusted name, he was also part of what is essentially a local business, Molloy Brother’s Moving. That’s how Mayflower works — it’s a network of local moving companies across the country that have access to Mayflower’s national resources. I love that combo of small and big.

So friends. It’s official. We’re going with Mayflower. The truck is coming on April 29th. And we’re flying out on April 30th. Having made this decision, my mind is already 30% more at ease.