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Photos and text by Gabrielle. This post is sponsored by Toca Boca. Try new Toca TV for free! Details below.

You may already know I’m a huge Toca Boca fan (I’ve written about their products here and here), and my kids are even bigger fans. So when they contacted me about their newly-launched Toca TV, I was all ears, and we tried it out immediately. What is it, you ask? Toca TV is a playful, happy video streaming service for kids. It offers thousands of curated videos in a 100% ad-free, kid-safe environment. And like all Toca Boca apps, Toca TV was designed from the kid’s perspective — they tested it with hundreds of kids across the globe to ensure kids actually love it, and that it lives up to the Toca Boca mission and values.

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I know many parents (most parents? all parents?) worry about what our kids might encounter when they’re using a screen. Even when they’re visiting a website we’re familiar with, or when we’ve attempted to implement parental controls, it still seems like unwanted content manages to appear. Songs or ads or video that is sort-of kid friendly, but not quite. Ugh. If that is something you’ve been trying to figure out, then Toca TV might be the perfect solution. I’m very impressed. We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and this is what we like about it:

Ten year old Betty says, “It’s good that there are no ads. I don’t have to wait or watch something dumb first before I can see a video.” (Betty’s right! There are no third-party ads or sponsored content on Toca TV.)

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Betty also says, “It’s really fun to film yourself. They have a whole bunch of filters that are really good. Mostly I like to watch June when she sees a filter come on the screen. It’s so funny!” (I love that too. Three cheers for lots of interaction!)

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Six year old June says:

The videos are really funny! And there was a drawing one that shows how to make Joy from the movie. And there was one about Will It Taco too. (June really loves the variety — they add new videos each week! There are familiar favorites like Minecraft gameplay, there are DIY crafts and recipes, and there are a whole bunch of exclusive videos only available on Toca TV.)

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Me, the parent, says:

I love the peace of mind! I learned that Toca Boca doesn’t rely on algorithms to curate the videos. Instead, all of the content is rated using a specific scorecard, and each video is watched by actual adults (members of the Toca Boca team) to make sure it’s right for kids. I also loved that the kids didn’t just sit back and watch — the fact that they can make movies themselves is a big plus for me.

If you’re curious, you can try it for free on the App Store (it’s available for iPad and iPhone). Download it today to get three free sessions. If you enjoy it, Toca TV is a subscription service, only $4.99 USD a month  — you cancel anytime!

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If you give it a try, definitely let me know what you and your kids think. Also, how are you handling screen time and media these days? Do you have daily limits? Specific shows they can watch? Do you implement different rules during the school year versus summer vacation? And what are your kids into screen-wise? I’d love to hear!