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What a treat! Last week, Target stores stocked a brand new home goods line called Pillowfort, and I’m feeling super lucky that I get to introduce it to you today. It’s adorable and you may have already seen it — my closest store has two full aisles (and the pieces are even cuter in person than they are online).

The idea behind the new label is a focus on products that will excite kids and parents to design together with ease and confidence. The line includes bedding and lamps and wall art and stuffed toys and throw pillows and bins and on and on. There are nearly 1200 pieces in all! Pillowfort features 12 collections and each one speaks to a different kind of kid — think adventurers, creators, and dreamers. You can stick to one collection, or you can mix and match pieces and inspiration from any of the twelve, to combine your taste with your kid’s style.


To introduce the new line to you, I decided to create a sweet little space in a corner of the family room. I started by exploring all the Pillowfort collections, and I was especially drawn to the hanging canopies in the Discovery Den collection and the Marvelous Manor collection.

We’ve never brought a canopy into the house before, but I love the idea of them — I think any kind of fort/hideaway/secret spot is incredibly appealing to kids. I thought it would be fun to hang the canopy in the family room, and then later it might be cute over a bed. The tiny puffball detailing on the edges is terrific and I knew June would gasp at such a pretty sight.


Once I decided on the dip-dye canopy, I started thinking of an overall color scheme. I decided to focus on the minty-turquoise in the canopy, and use a peachy-coral for the other main color. Then I accented with small touches of brown, yellow and navy. I didn’t even attempt to stay with one particular collection! I walked up and down the aisles and mixed and matched to my heart’s content.


For additional turquoise pieces, I pulled a blanket and pouf from our closet, and then added the wire wall art from Pillowfort that says One Of A Kind. It’s adorable and just begs to have sweet little garlands hung from it.


For peachy-coral, I added this canvas toy bin and this throw pillow. The bin is so practical — an easy way to move toys from the canopy area to any other spot in the family room.


And the pillow is beautiful. It’s well made, and the tiny puffball edging coordinates with the edging on the canopy.


For brown, I added this happy stuffed bear. (Oscar thinks it’s more of an oversized groundhog.) This bear is just the right size to be both a buddy and a pillow.


Last of all, I brought in this Pillowfort wire basket with navy details. I alway love an oversize basket! They are perfect for piling in blankets and pillows and other cozy items when we’re straitening up the room.

The pieces came together in such a fun way. And one thing I especially loved is that it was easy to accent the space with items we already own because the Pillowfort style works perfectly with the current aesthetic in our home.


Once I had collected all the pieces, June helped me put the little corner together. It was wonderful to see her eyes light up as we hung the canopy. Immediately, she started bringing items into the space — books and toys for the bin — to make herself at home. She adores the little hideaway and was happy to spend an afternoon ready books and resting — with Mr. Bear as a pillow.

If you’re in the mood to redesign your child’s bedroom, or the play area in your house, I know you’ll find lots of inspiration in the Pillowfort line. Think of it as a great tool to help you work with your kids to design a space you’ll both love!