This is a concept (meaning not actually for sale) calendar by Oscar Diaz. The ink is slowly absorbed by the calendar paper. Every 24 hours, the next calendar date is filled in. Don’t you think it’s neat? I love that there’s a brain that thought of this idea.

Also. Friends. I was writing notes about the calendar, when I glanced at my blog dashboard and realized this was my 3000th post. 3000 posts! 3000 little pieces of… something. It feels like I should commemorate it with some kind of celebration. What do you suggest? How should one celebrate their 3000th post? Does it involve pedicures? Ice cream? A good book?

In the meantime, I’ll consider this calendar post an excellent fit for #3000. Both the calendar and the 3000 benchmark indicate a passage of time. A passage of time that’s both pretty and interesting — at least for me. I wonder if I’ll make it to 6000?

calendar spotted via Ladies & Gentlemen