yellow tote, red sandals

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Okay you guys, I’m super excited to tell you about Le Tote. They reached out and told me about their service, and I love the concept. I think you will too! If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may already know that I’m totally fascinated by new services that allow people access to products without having to own them — services like ZipCars mean you don’t have to own a car, but you can drive one any time you need. Or, home rental services like AirBnb mean that you don’t have to own a vacation home, but you can still enjoy one. And now there’s Le Tote. It’s a fashion rental service that gives women access to an infinite closet of clothes and accessories.

grey wrap, black denimjacket, sweats, heels, button-down

It’s $49 per month and this is how it works: First, you fill out your size profile and like all of your favorite pieces by clicking the heart. This adds the pieces to your closet. Next, a professional stylist will curate your tote with items in your closet and items that fit your style and ship them to you in a cute little box.

army-green jacket

Then, you can wear the items they send (3 pieces of clothing, 2 accessories) for as long or as little as you want — 2 days, 3 weeks, a whole month — whatever you like! When you’re ready, you send everything back in a prepaid envelope and Le Tote will send you a new box immediately.

Isn’t that lovely? For one flat fee, you could have a new tote several times a month — meaning you’ll always have something new to wear!

Le Tote clothes rental service. $49 per month and you can get a new box of clothes as often as you like!mural, grey wrap, black denim

I received my first tote last week and it really was fun to open — I had placed over 50 items in my Le Tote closet, so I had no idea what was going to be in the box! Inside, there was a blue sweatshirt with zipper details, an army green jacket, a heathered grey wrap, a beaded necklace, and a reversible leather tote (yellow & royal blue). You can see all the items in these photos.

I immediately fell in love with the army green jacket (Maude and Olive loved it too!), and I wondered if I could hold on to it. Turns out: yes. If you fall in love with a particular piece, you can keep it, and send everything else back. This lets Le Tote know that you’d like to purchase the item (at a big discount!). They’ll charge the card on file and send a new tote.

Le Tote clothes rental service. $49 per month and you can get a new box of clothes and accessories as often as you like!yellow tote bag

Other things I asked about: 1) How much is shipping? Shipping is FREE both ways. 2) What about laundry? You don’t have to launder anything before you return it! They do all the laundry. 3) What if I want particular pieces sent? This is new, but members can now customize their boxes and get exactly what they want! The stylist chooses items for you, but 24 hours before your box is shipped, you can go in and switch out items you don’t want or need that week.

The other cool thing is that Le Tote carries several upscale brands that you’d find at places like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie. Brands like French Connection, and Kensie, and BCBGeneration, and a whole bunch more.

Le Tote clothes rental service. $49 per month and you can get a new box of clothes as often as you like!army green short jacket

Anyway. I know there are lots of clothes shopping services out there — I’m curious about them, and I’ve covered a few here on the blog. But nothing is quite like Le Tote! If you’re someone who likes to change up your closet frequently, I think Le Tote would be a great fit for you.

Want to give Le Tote a try? Get 20% off your first month when you sign up using this link with the discount code DESIGNMOM. (The code will automatically be applied to your order when you go through the sign-up process through that link, so no need to re-enter the code. Just make sure to click that link in order to access the 20% off!)

Le Tote clothes rental service. $49 per month and you can get a new box of clothes as often as you like!

Okay. Now I’m curious. What are your thoughts on a service like this? Do you think you’d switch up your tote often? How do you feel about the idea of having lots of new clothes to wear, but not really owning any of it, or having to care for any of the pieces? Is that as appealing to you as it is to me?


Credits: Photos by Katrina Davis. I had so much fun shooting these photos with Katrina. She grew up here in Oakland but has been in New York for awhile and just moved back. I love her work!