By Gabrielle.

Hello! Here’s a little update from the Blair house. The main thing on my mind is that my mother-in-law is still in critical condition. Ben Blair is flying out this morning and will stay for a few days — or longer if need be. Thank you for the sweet words and well wishes you’ve left us for her. I truly appreciate your kindness!

I confess, my mind is a bit distracted this week. Big things, like my mother-in-law’s health, and little things like figuring out the kids’ costumes before the church Trunk-or-Treat this weekend. (The mental juggling of highs and lows in parenting is so odd sometimes!) I have a full schedule of posts planned — in fact, I have drawings of the master bedroom back from the architect and I can’t wait to share them! Though things may get pushed back a bit. Thank you in advance for understanding.

But today, I wanted to tell you about this silly game we sometimes play over dinner. Ben says he learned it from his friend Chris Clark when they were kids. It goes like this: You think of two movie titles that sound similar, or are related in some way, but the actual films are very different and would appeal to completely different audiences.

There are no points, and there isn’t a way to win, it’s just a fun thing to brainstorm together and a way to make each other laugh. Here are some of the best ones I remember from our conversations:

If you like Dumbo, you’ll love Rambo.

If you like Big, you’ll love Super Size Me.

If you like Nightmare on Elm Street, you’ll love Sesame Street.

Or If you like Sesame Street, you’ll love 21 Jump Street.

If you like The Gift, you’ll love The Giver.

If you like The Killing Fields, you’ll love Field of Dreams.

If you like Spiderman, you’ll love Charlotte’s Web.


Can you think of any good ones? I’d love to hear! And I should also point out, one thing that’s nice about this game is that new movies come out constantly, so there’s always more possible connections to make. Do you have any silly dinner games you play at your house?