I Thought I Didn't Care About the Royal Wedding featured by popular lifestyle blogger, Design Mom

I admit, I totally forgot about the royal wedding. I made my Friday link list and didn’t even mention it. It just hasn’t really been on my radar. And it’s not that I have strong opinions against the Royals — I just don’t really follow them. I like to have a general pop-culture awareness of what’s going on (Kate just had baby number 3, right?), but that’s usually enough for me. Also, don’t laugh, but I’ve been a loyal viewer of Suits since the beginning and I was selfishly sad to know Meghan Markle’s character was leaving the show. : )

Which means I was totally caught off guard by the royal wedding coverage of Meghan and Harry over the weekend. I LOVED it. I’m still a little amazed at how much joy it brought me. And I didn’t even watch the wedding! I just read reports on social media and saw snippets of footage on Twitter. I ate the whole thing right up. And I kept sharing updates with Ben Blair.

Obviously, I’m not the only one. People really seemed to love the entire event. In fact, there were several think pieces about the royal wedding that were published over the weekend helping us wrap our heads around why it was so delightful. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I can tell you easily my top 3 favorite things about the wedding:

I Thought I Didn't Care About the Royal Wedding featured by popular lifestyle blogger, Design Mom

My Three Favorite Things about the Royal Wedding

1) Harry & Meghan just seemed so darn in love. It was butterfly inducing to watch it. There’s a clip of Harry lifting Meghan’s veil, and then sweetly taking a second to adjust it, while she looks up at him with complete satisfaction and adoration. I think I’ve watched it 30 times. It made me wish every human could have the experience of being loved that much.

2) Meghan’s dress. To my eyes, it was perfection. I’m a total sucker for anything boatneck — it’s for sure my favorite neckline design. My kids know this fact about me and if they see a piece of clothing with a boatneck while we shop they’ll point it out and tell me I would love it. So yes, I loved the neckline, but I also loved the simplicity of the design, and the luxuriousness of the heavy silk. Just stunning. She would surely be gorgeous in anything, but I think she found the perfect dress.

The veil too! I loved hearing that she requested a custom design that incorporated flora and fauna from the 53 Commonwealth nations plus her home state of California. Such thoughtful details.

If you want to know more about the dress, one of the pieces I’ve bookmarked is a New York Times essay titled Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Was Made for a Person, Not a Princess.

3) The gospel choir singing Stand By Me. I love that song so much. I remember first hearing it in 6th grade, and feeling like I needed to hold very still and listen to it until the song finished. I was so moved by it then, and I am still moved by it now. Also, did you see the choir director’s stunning silver hair? I could not stop staring at her updo in awe.

What about you? Did you get up early to watch the royal wedding coverage? Or see it accidentally like I did? What other highlights would you add to my list? Do you consider yourself somewhat (or very) invested in the Royal Family? Do you follow their stories? I think I feel the most invested in them when I’m watching The Crown.