By Gabrielle. Dreamcatcher via Megan Morton.

You might be noticing a tragic lack of Raleigh-Elizabeth’s witty words these days, but her absence is the result of a pretty wonderful happening: a baby! His name is Hunter and he is, of course, adorable and loved. Congratulations, Duttweilers!

Personally, I really miss her Do I Really Need A… posts, especially this one as I’m currently packing up all of mine and feeling like I need a heavy purge! And who could forget the fiery discussion after this one?

Friends, if you have a minute to send Raleigh some tried and true new mom advice about getting through the first few months, I know she will appreciate it! What were your favorite products? Unforgettable milestones? Forgettable moments? And what do you wish someone had told you when you were in the throes of all-night feedings and spit-up on every cute shirt you owned?