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By Gabrielle.

On Monday I felt like a basket-case. And that feeling continued off and on all week. One minute I was focused and practical and packing up like a boss. The next minute, neighbors would come to say farewell, or we’d visit our favorite bakery for the last time, and I was weeping elephant tears! It’s been quite a week. But miracle of miracles, we are now packed and ready to go. We finished up last night, and we’ve been able to enjoy the local Bastille Day celebrations (Happy Bastille Day, Everyone!) with only a few small items on our to do list.

To commemorate this epic packing job, how about a little trivia? When we came here, we brought 7 large duffle bags, 7 carryon-size roller bags, 7 backpacks, an iMac in the original box, a trombone in its case, a guitar in its case, a stroller, and a car seat for Baby June (she was 9 months old at the time). That’s a total of 26 pieces.

Anyone want to guess how many pieces we’re bringing back to the U.S.? You can make your best guess above by clicking a check mark.

P.S. — Our flight has strict luggage weight restrictions. 20 kg (44 lbs) for checkons, and 5 kg (11 lbs) for carryons. (Oddly, from what we can tell, personal items like purses and backpacks have no weight restriction.) As you can imagine, we’ve been weighing and double weighing every piece of luggage like mad men! Discovery: Our books simply add too much weight. So we’re shipping a few boxes home. When we moved here, we also shipped a few boxes of books and miscellaneous items, so I figure it’s pretty much a wash.