Before Noon:
-Clean the house.
-Shower and get pretty.

-Entertain Oscar & Betty.

Noon – 3:00:
-Welcome the crew from DECA to our lovely home — director Kyle and cameramen Josh and Dave.
-Work with the crew rearranging furniture and displays to make our home even more lovely (at least from certain camera angles).
-Run a couple of errands while the crew gets the lighting and cameras set up.

3:00 – 4:00:
-Ben Blair picks up Chez Jose quesadillas for everybody (thanks for the meal, DECA).

-Ralph, Maude & Olive get home from school.

4:00 – 7:00:
-Participate in what will ultimately be a 60-second online spot showing how my family uses the new HP Touchsmart Printer.

-Ralph is assigned to get behind-the-scenes photos for this post.

7:00 – 8:00:

-The crew clears all the equipment out.

-I try to talk Ben Blair into picking up more quesadillas from Chez Jose because I’m hungry again. And those quesadillas are good. Dam good.

You can find more of Ralph’s photos here.

Also. Corey from Life With Little Ones posted an interview of me last week — it’s part of her Inspirational Interviews Series. And I was honored to be included. Not related to yesterday at all. But I’ve been meaning to tell you and I keep forgetting…