By Gabrielle.

Want to talk hair today? It’s been ages since I shared a hair post. And this is a good one. In fact, I can’t believe I’ve never told you about this before! It’s a total life saver if you ever need to cover grey roots in a pinch.

I can remember exactly when I first tried it. I was on our 3-week long roadtrip with the whole family. It was a few summers ago and I was wearing my hair very dark and quite long at the time. I had major grey coming in at the roots, but I was ignoring it because I was on the road. Alas, I was also ignoring the fact that on the last leg of the trip we had a wedding to go to.

The morning of the wedding, I made an appointment for a blowout at a drybar in Salt Lake City, and was bemoaning my roots to the stylist. She said, “No worries. I can fix them super fast.” She pulled out this spray and filled them in. It took like 5 seconds and looked amazing! It was like this photo, I swear.

With no additional urging needed, I bought the bottle then and there. It felt like a goldmine and it wasn’t even expensive. From that time forward, whenever I had to stretch the time between color appointments, I would use it. The bottle lasted for ages, but the color was temporary. It would shampoo out the next time I showered. I didn’t like to use it daily, but if I had to be in front of the camera when my roots were starting to come in, it was the perfect quick fix.

During my blonde days, I didn’t use root concealer, and the bottle was sitting forgotten in the back of my cupboard until a couple of weeks ago. My roots needed color in the worst way, but I was waiting till the last possible moment to get my hair colored before we left for the summer. I had an event in San Francisco where I wanted to look my best and was wondering what to do about my hair. And then tada! I remembered the bottle of root concealer. I pulled it out — my original bottle — and took care of business. You can bet I packed it with me for this trip!

I have no idea if it works for dark roots and light hair. But if you have grey/light roots and dark hair it’s pretty dang genius. The only downside: it will come off on your fingers if you scratch your scalp. And it will come off on your pillow case too. So keep that in mind. Otherwise, it’s awesome! Oh and one other tip: with long hair, it was mostly the part on the top of my head where the grey showed and I could apply the root concealer myself, but with short hair there are lots of parts where the grey shows, so I have Maude or Ben Blair help me with any angles where I can’t see what I’m doing.

How about you? Have you ever tried it? Do you have a particular brand that you prefer? There are tons out there, though I’ve only tried Style Edit (and I have no complaints). Any other tricks for stretching the time between hair appointments? Or maybe you’ve embraced the grey and think this whole idea is crazy? I’d love to hear!