I read about Berlin’s Hotel Huettenpalast over at Anthology. It sounds super funky! You can stay in their hotel rooms, or try one of their indoor caravans/huts if you want to try something a little different. And the caravans are a bargain — only about $85 a night!

Have you ever been to Berlin? I haven’t. But. I’m speaking there in May at The Hive blogging conference. I’m crazy excited!! Both to see the super cool city of Berlin, and to meet fellow European bloggers. My current community is so rural that I haven’t been to a blogger meetup since we moved here. I’m really looking forward to this!

Just curious, do you ever meet up with your online friends in real life? (It’s one of my very favorite things!) And hey, will you be at The Hive? I’d love to meet you! One last question — I’ll be speaking for about an hour on “The Business of Blogging”. If you were in the audience, what would you want me to cover?