The Christmas Gift Shopping is officially done. But I’m still craving some non-kid window shopping. I’d like to make a date with Ben where I can leisurely walk through Anthropologie and study the windows at Bergdorfs.

There are at least 5 stores where I need to return items because I’m ridiculously indecisive, but those errands are going to have to wait till next week.

Friday and Saturday will be grocery shopping for the Recital and our annual Christmas Eve Smorgasbord. We are buying most of our desserts for the Recital from Plaza Sweets (turtle bars, cheesecake, chocolate cake and cranberry-orange sweet bread), but we’ll get the sugar cookies from Lulu’s.

I know it’s December 21st, but it hardly seems like Christmas — it’s just too warm here. Is New York the only part of country sans snowstorm?