I just read an email reminding me I forgot to share pics of my kids in their holiday wear. Oh dear! Somewhere among making gifts, prepping for Alt Summit and moving to France, I completely forgot. So here’s a peek for those of you who are curious.

We had fun with this year’s selections. Instead of sticking with traditional reds or plaids, we tried to achieve festive feel with hints of glitter and shiny fabrics. Even fabulous gold moccasins for June! The clothes are still looking totally appropriate in mid February, so I feel like we did good. In fact, Olive wore her cozy sweater (above) to her first day of school today.

Sidenote: I think we took 50 or 60 group shots over a couple of different days and not a single one turned out. Hah! You win some. You lose some.

We kind of had a color scheme going on. We kind of didn’t. We used navy, burgundy and gold. But added in other colors here and there.

Ralph is sure a handsome kid. He said that here in France, the boys wear sweaters like this to school, so he wants to to step it up a bit.

We found these boots for Oscar at the Gap. We love them because they don’t tie.

The gold headband was lost like five minutes after this and never found. But it sure looks cute here. So do Olive’s freckles.

Maude’s outfit this year included legwarmers and a drop waist dress. Hello flashback. Hello sophisticated.

We experimented with a fedora for Oscar. But in the end decided thumbs down. Clearly, he’s too cool for fedoras.

Sweet Baby June’s dress was originally worn as a holiday dress by baby Olive. It’s reversible. I added the blue ribbon this year.

Betty has worn this dress for a couple of years. I absolutely adore it. I adore Betty too.

What about you guys? What did you do for holiday wear? Do your kids wear their Christmas clothes beyond December?