By Gabrielle.

I’m embarking on another little project, and I’d love to hire some help.

I should clarify, however, that by little I mean not-little-at-all. And by help I mean a graphic designer with an exquisite aesthetic. The kind of designer who walks into a room and mentally rearranges it. The sort who dreams of white space, curated collections, the perfect storm of vintage and modern, and all the rest of the things that haven’t even been dreamed up yet. Their thought bubbles are written with drop caps and a font that will never go out of style. On top of all that, this help would be an organizational savant. Also, a genuinely nice person to be around.

Like I said, I’m embarking on another little project and I’d love some help. Are you jumping up and down, waving your arms and yelling happily “It’s me! It’s me!” I sure hope so. Drop me a line with a link to your portfolio and we’ll chat.

If Only, a self portrait by Karo.