Note from Design Mom: I’m delighted to introduce Amy Smart. Amy and I took French classes together back in the day. C’est vrai! When I ran into her at a kirtsy meetup in SLC, and found out she was a blogger too, I just had to invite her to be Guest Mom. You will love her! Here’s an intro from Amy in her own words:

What a thrill to be hanging out at Design Mom this week! I love the way that Gabby captures the beauty to be found in mothering. I have four of my own kiddos and I know that motherhood isn’t always kisses and sunshine, but I also know the importance of inviting beauty into our lives.

This week I won’t even pretend to give you impeccable design tips, recipes, or advice on raising children to be Ivy League graduates. Instead, I’ll stick to the place where I do seem to get my mojo going — behind my sewing machine, and more specifically quilting.

For many years, I was a closet quilter. I started piecing quilts not long after I had my first baby and I enjoyed having a finished product to show for my time, besides the pile of used diapers at the end of the day. But I never really told anyone in polite society that I was a quilter — unless they were one too – because it seemed like such a ‘grandma’ thing to do.

Enter the blogosphere and the world of creative, amazing, inspirational women who also love to sew. And not all of them are even grandmas yet! So, after having a family blog mainly for the grandparents in Maryland, I decided to throw my own thoughts and projects into blogland and I started a sewing blog last fall. It’s not the swankiest blog, but it has been a great medium for sharing and meeting wonderful people who seem to like cutting up fabric into little pieces and sewing them back together as much as I do.

This week I hope I can introduce you — whether you’re a sewer or not — to some great products and ideas you can use yourself or with your kids.