A new Guest Mom this week! Her name is Lara Fishman and she’s an interior designer in LA. I don’t know her in real life, but I do know this: she’s the genius behind Designers Call — a new company with the goal of bringing professional design services to those who previously haven’t had the time or funds to hire a designer. Intrigued? So was I when I heard about it. That’s why I thought she’d make a great Guest Mom. (Plus there’s something called a DesignWagen, which sounds rad.)

Here’s a bio of Lara I stole off of her site:

Raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Lara was influenced by her mother’s passion for interior design, antiques, fine art, fashion and her talent for merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments.

After studying French Literature at Tulane University and living in France, Lara cultivated a deep interest in European design traditions. In 1998, she completed a four-year course of study at UCLA’s prestigious School of Interior and Environmental Design, working concurrently as a furniture designer to expand her knowledge of the custom-design process.

In 1998, Lara joined Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID) as a senior designer and design team supervisor for residential and commercial projects such as The Viceroy and Maison 140, before founding her full-service interior design firm, Storm Interiors, in 2000.

In 2008, Lara launched Designers Call, a specialized decorating service that addresses the growing need of consumers seeking professional design services but lacking the large budget or time required by the traditional design process. Lara is an allied member of ASID.

So ladies. We have a professional interior designer with us this week. A woman with a mission to make design services available to all. I think we should take advantage of this opportunity by asking her lots of questions, no?