By Gabrielle.

Imagine the exponential increase in the joy of cooking, say, breakfast for dinner with the addition of a couture apron. I know, I know: they’re completely unnecessary! My faded linen versions do their job just fine, never complaining about spaghetti sauce splatters or heavily floured handprints.

But you must admit that a just-as-sturdy option in cotton that masquerades as a silk cocktail dress could add some spice to your kitchen endeavors, right? In the words of the Polish designer, “Don’t be surprised if you receive more compliments about things other than culinary.”

It’s such a perfect gift for that certain newlywed who dreams of those unhurried, romantic candlelit dinners every night…and even for those of us who may have lost the unhurried, candlelit dreams in the melee that is known as dinner with children! But tell me: Would this be an item on which you’d splurge?